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9 thoughts on “Welcome to “4 the Bride”

  1. Help! I’ve read so much conflicting information for alcohol at receptions. I know I need a banquet permit, not an issue. But do I need a licensed bartender to just serve beer/wine? Some things say yes, others no. Anyone have any resources?

    1. Hi Shakeya
      I would suggest your groomsmen wear, black tux with emerald green undertones. Green is a hard color to match-so David’s bridal, and men’s warehouse are both great places to coordinate colors.
      Also-if you are looking for someone to help with putting together an amazing wedding please go to http://www.happilyeverafterbyallison.com

  2. i have a question, I do not like alcohol for many reasons, and I personally do not want any at my reception, but my family and my in-laws are drinkers, should i have alcohol at my reception or not. Or should i do a light alcohol, im very torn, i know what i want but i do not want to argue or have people try to change my mind,

    what do you ladies think??

    1. Hi Victoria,

      Although you want your loved ones to enjoy your special day, it is important that you are comfortable, as well. Weigh your options. Consider why it is that you do not like alcohol and if, for any reason, it would make you uncomfortable to serve it at your wedding, then you do what will make the day as peaceful and memorable as it can be. At the end of the day, it is YOUR special day.

      Best wishes,

  3. This would be my second wedding. I want my fiance to like what I’m wearing. would it be ok for him to see it during the process of picking out the dress? i want to make sure i pick something that he really likes.

    1. Although standard tradition is that the groom should not see the dress before the wedding, for superstitious reasons, there are also a few other benefits. Even if you don’t subscribe to superstition, there is something special about the look on your grooms face when he sees you walking down the aisle for the first time. Undoubtedly, this is a very special moment. However, if you would feel more confident walking down the aisle knowing that your groom loves your dress, then the decision is completely yours to make!



  4. i am looking for a simple and cheap wedding.. Is there any way that we can contact each other when possible? If so please call me @ 1219-276-2338
    thank you very much

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