Bridal Consultants

My fiance and I are 50 and 51 we are planning on eloping. I wonder if we should include our children. My daugher is 9 his son 14, and his daughter is 23

How important do you think that it is to your children?  Are they looking forward to being a part of your wedding?  If the answer is yes, it should definitely be a family affair as the bride, groom and the children are getting married.  Congratulations!

What is the appropriate procall for second weddings? Me & my future husband are both getting married for the second time. I had a large wedding the first time and he got married @ the court house. I would like to have some kind of cermony, nothing too large, but tasteful. I still want the day to be a celebration. Please Advise

Second weddings always seem to be more intimate.  Start by making a start up guest list to see how many people (family & friends) that you want to invite to this celebration.  This will give you an idea of how big or small the wedding should be.