My wedding is in the Spring… My dress is Ivory and …

My wedding is in the Spring… My dress is Ivory and I was going to have red rose balls for centerpieces with the silver diamond mesh around the vases. I really wanted to incorporate a champagne/gold color because thesashes on the chairs will be champagne.

Do you think it will clash with the silver mesh that is around the vases and what color do you think mybridesmaid dresses should be (I would like a more neutral tone)> So confused…Thanks.

I am having a burnt orange and gold wedding theme,the brides maids are wearing a burnt orange dress with a built in gold waist,how should the groom and groom’s men dress ?

I have seen a lot of nice patterns in burnt orange for vest & ties.  The groomsmen can either black or brown tuxes with ivory shirts and burn orange vest & ties.  The groom should match you so it depends on what you are wearing.  If you want to add some color to him, you could have him wear the burnt orange tie or a burnt orange pocket square.  Colors can also be added with the kind of flowers that you will be using.  Sophie.