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by Jazz Unlimited Band

Hi this is Duane Wright, Leader of the Jazz Unlimited Band Friends of mine, Nicole and Jason, are getting married this summer, and asked me to meet with them and discuss music for their wedding. Jason asked, “After performing for so many weddings Duane, what do you consider the most important thing that we should consider for our wedding” My Answer – FUN – FUN – FUN.

It doesn’t matter where your wedding will takes place, Fun must be built into your wedding. Your honored guest may not remember the beautiful flowers, napkins or what you served for food, but they will remember the music and entertainment, a particular song, a smile and laughter of everyone having a wonderful time.

A Fun time, a special dance, special hugs and laughter, created by the Jazz Unlimited Band. It does not matter where your wedding will take place, in a beautiful Cathedral or on Mt. Rainer; your wedding can be elegant, beautiful and Fun, especially when you build Fun through music.

For your wedding ceremony, select the type of instrumentation that best matches your music choices, the right instruments that will make your wedding elegant, beautiful and fun.

For the wedding ceremony, Nicole chose piano, classic guitar, saxophone and clarinet with vocals. She wanted Fun classic music for the Prelude, (30 minutes), then classical music for the ceremony, and Fun – up-beat music for the recessional, because she wants people dancing in the isles to the music, (smiling and having fun) as they leave the wedding ceremony. She wants her loved ones and guests to remember the beautiful experience and special music during this fantastic wedding day ceremony.

For the cocktail hour, Jason wanted our popular HOT JAZZ TRIO, but since there will be over a hundred guests present, he decided to have our Jazz Quartet for a bigger sound. Jason likes up- beat music and wants the band to play requests from the audience and offer special entertainment for the audience. This will make everything Fun for friends and relatives. He wants everyone to remember the cocktail hour as FUN – FUN – FUN.

For the reception, after the special dances, our Grand Entrance Ceremony, our Toast Ceremony and cutting the cake, it’s time to dance the night away and have Fun. Our band will read the audience, play music that will touch their hearts and souls, with such an energy that it will excite and thrill the audience, creating an atmosphere of fun that will be remembered years to come.

Looking back at Nicole and Jason’s wedding, guests will say that it was the most fun, most memorable wedding they ever attended. I can’t wait for our band to perform for Nicole and Jason’s wedding. As a band, we love what we do, and we will are dedicated to making their wedding and every wedding Fun. A “Live Performance” by the Jazz Unlimited Band is Fun. Recordings can’t match the real experience. The sights and sounds of our great band at work on stage make all other options pale in comparison. Your guests will go home remembering and singing a special song they heard us perform Live. So much Fun for everyone and what beautiful memories.

The difference in our band and other bands is that we become personally involved in our weddings, making each wedding fun, and becoming friends with our Brides and Groom, a friendship that often lasts for many years. It is indeed an honor to perform for so many weddings and we love it. We love to create fun for you and your guests, because we love for all of us to have fun. Duane M Wright, Leader Jazz Unlimited Band (206) 930-9998(206) 930-9998


by Jazz Unlimited Band

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