Going to Cancun!

Giong to Cancun

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Monique Brigham
Plumeria Breezes Travel

Every year more and more couples are opting for destination weddings over traditional ones. Whether you want a sexy and fun wedding in the Caribbean or a romantic and serene wedding in Santorini, Greece, a destination wedding can save you a lot of money and hassle. Not only will you already most likely be at your honeymoon location for your destination wedding but you will have a lot less guests to worry about if you have any guests at all.
One destination wedding location I recommend to my clients in my travel business is Cancun. Now, before you shut it down in your mind as just a spring break hot spot for drunk college students, consider the fact that Cancun is known for its white sand beaches, gorgeous views, bright blue water and resorts with world class accommodations. With that said, here are some of my ideas for a wonderful destination wedding in Cancun:


Go for an all-inclusive resort. My goal when working with clients is to give them the most bang for their buck. That is one reason why I love all-inclusive resorts. I thoroughly enjoy finding amazing experiences that exceed your every desire but not your budget. With an all-inclusive resort you know exactly what you are paying for upfront and you know you won’t have to worry about budgeting while on your trip.

Some of the all-inclusive resorts I recommend in Cancun are the Hard Rock Hotel (Yes, they do all inclusive packages there too!), Dreams Riviera, Jade Riviera, Now Sapphire Riviera, Secrets Capri Riviera, Secrets Maroma Beach and Secrets The Vine Cancun. At an all-inclusive resort your drinks, your meals, a lot of your entertainment, your room and board are all included in one fee. Each of these resorts is four-star AAA rated and offers top notch luxury from the moment you arrive.


Travel during the peak season. There is a reason December to April is peak season in Cancun. Peak season is when the weather is near perfect every single day. The only time I would suggest avoiding Cancun is mid-March to early April when those pesky spring breakers I spoke of earlier make their way into town.


Expect a lot of paperwork and red tape for your wedding. For a wedding in Mexico to be recognized as legal in the United States you will have to submit an application and a blood test and wait for approval for a wedding permit. A way to bypass this paperwork is to get married in a U.S. court and have a commitment ceremony in lieu of a “wedding” ceremony when you get to Mexico.


Buy travel insurance. Even though the weather is near perfect during the time I recommend couples get married in Cancun, anything can happen. You don’t want some unforeseen event ruining your wedding and costing you money you can’t get back.


Choose a reputable travel agent to handle your trip. With the rise in popularity for destination weddings also comes a rise in scams and nothing is worse than thinking you have a flight planned and a room reserved only to learn you’ve been duped. Get references and do your homework!


I believe that these tips and ideas will get you on the right track in planning for your big day. Good luck in your upcoming nuptials. I hope that your destination wedding will be the best experience of your life!


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